“Derek is very personable...He came to our house at our convenience. If he could save us money, he would...We couldn't afford the original plan, but when Derek got through, it turned out to be almost exactly what we wanted."

A complete list of references is available upon request
“It was like having someone in the family or a friend build us a house. Every nook and cranny was built just for us...Derek worked on the basic design and found space we didn't know we had. When we moved in we found a bottle of champagne and a photo album of the project from start to finish. You don't get that from any other builder."
Derek is really good with design...clever. The layout was Derek's idea. I wanted a park-like setting and I got it from Derek.”

“After a couple of meetings, we knew that we wanted Derek to build our home. He is down to earth and very professional...always very receptive and maintains a lot of contact...He would periodically drop off progress reports with costs. I liked that. At the final meeting, everything was outlined with items we could add or take away and how much each would cost. That was important to us so we could budget...He gave us good ideas about what we could do a large bonus space with tips on how to set it up and leave it rough to finish later...He even set up a temporary mailbox at our site to make things easier for us."

D.P. Miller Associates, Inc.
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"You hear so many horror stories, but Derek has just been amazing...The hours he puts in are just incredible. He's great."

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